(contacts: Ing. K. Saksl, DrSc., RNDr. M. Džupon, PhD., RNDr. F. Kováč, CSc.)

Research activities of technical and scientific workers of the Division of Metallic Systems of the Institute of Materials Research of SAS include the area of complex material expertise focused on analyzing and solving the problems regarding the application of metallic materials (e.g. structural, tool and corrosion-resistant steels, non-ferrous metals and alloys based on aluminum, magnesium, copper, Ni base superalloys, castings produced by pressure die casting, welded joints, hardfacings, etc.). A specific expertise on the request of interested client will be realized by highly experienced team of experts under the leadership of principal investigator with the best knowledge and experience in regarding material area. Expert activities are carried out using modern analytical techniques of microstructure characterization, chemical and phase composition determination, and evaluation of mechanical properties including fractographic analysis. The main areas of realized expertise include:

  • Analyses of the origin of engineering failures and/or losses of functional properties of structural components and proposal of appropriate measures for solving of the analyzed issue
  • Optimization of heat treatment of products from metallic materials in view of improvement of their functional properties
  • Operative analyses of the quality of products from metallic materials according to elaborated testing procedures



On demand, team of experts of the Institute of Materials Research of SAS for the area of metallic materials will elaborate and provide material expertise which, according to person interested, may include:

  • Reviewing the specific problem from the viewpoint of indication of possible causes of its occurrence (e.g., analysis of degradation mechanisms leading to the issue.
  • Complex material analysis involving the analyses of microstructure, chemical and phase composition, determination of mechanical properties including fractographic analyses of fracture surfaces
  • Proposal of possibilities for solving the issue and eventually also verification of the proposed solution in laboratory conditions