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Division of Metallic Systems

a) Microstructural, chemical and phase analyses (contact individuals: RNDr. M. Džupon, PhD., Mgr. I. Petryshynets, PhD., Ing. O. Milkovič, PhD.,   K. Saksl, DrSc.).

  • Microstructural analysis of materials from the viewpoint of grain size, crystallographic textures, proportion, distributional characteristics and morphology of secondary phases with the aid of light and electron microscopy and ESBD measuring.
  • Qualitative and quantitative EDX chemical elements analyses (point, line, area).
  • Determining phase components, size of grains/crystals and inner stress of X-ray diffraction analysis of powder and massive samples.
  • DSC, DTA and TG analyses of metal and non-metal materials.

b) Mechanically testing materials (contact individuals: RNDr. M. Džupon, PhD., Ing. Lucia Čiripová, PhD.).

  • Realization of mechanical tests of compact metal materials and powder metallurgy materials.
  • Standardized testing methods containing the following mechanical tests: pulling test, brittleness test, breaking test, bending impact test, creep test in uniaxial pull to 650°C, pull test at heightened and lowered temperatures, hardness test according to Vickers, Brinell and Rockwell, bending impact test at lowered and heightened temperatures.

c) Analyses of material failure (contact individuals: RNDr. M. Džupon, PhD., Ing. L. Falat, PhD.).

  • Analyses of failures of construction components and parts.
  • Analyses of the causes of losses in functional properties.
  • Operative analysis of product quality.
  • Fractographic analysis of fracture surfaces.

d) Heat processing of metal materials(contact individuals: V. Katana, Mgr. I. Petryshynets, PhD., Ing. L. Falat, PhD.).

  • Quenching, tempering.
  • Annealing (soft, normalization, dissolution, etc.).
  • Non-conventional methods (laser, cryogenic).