Celebration of 70 years of SAS


This year, Slovak Academy of Sciences commemorates the 70th anniversary of its founding. On Tuesday, November 14, 2023, scientists from SAS symbolically celebrated this jubilee in Košice. A presentation event was held in the East Slovak gallery with the participation of representatives of Košice universities, state institutions and private companies. In a series of short moderated interviews, eight SAS institutes from eastern Slovakia had the opportunity to introduce themselves.

SAS is the largest scientific institution in Slovakia. It is based in 26 cities and towns. After Bratislava, eastern Slovakia is the second largest center of science and research. In addition to research universities, eight SAS scientific institutions are located here, seven of them directly in Košice. These are workplaces that have been contributing to knowledge in their scientific fields for many decades and are a benefit not only for the East Slovak region, but also for the entire society.

The event was not only a celebration of SAS anniversary, but also a celebration of excellent long-term cooperation between SAs and universities in Košice. According to the President of SAS Pavol Šajgalík, good relations provide an opportunity to create joint workplaces.

“SAS has excellent partners in Košice and in order to move beyond the borders of the district, republic or Europe, we need a strong concentration of excellent people – experts, teachers and scientists in one place. Almost all past and present scientific discoveries are result of collaboration. Therefore, I very much wish that cooperation prevails over cold-blooded egoism, not only in science, but especially in it,” said the President of SAS in his speech.

Former rector of P.J. Šafárik University in Košice, prof. Pavol Sovák gave speech on behalf of the academics from the university environment, for whom the special celebration of the SAS anniversary is an appreciation of the exceptional relations between the Academy and universities. Among other things, he also expressed his pride in the common path of SAS together with the workplaces on universities in Košice after joining the European Union, thanks to which it was possible to build several top laboratories.

“Your existence has a high impact on the quality of work of our university teachers. Our region would not be what it is without you. Thanks to SAS, Košice is becoming a city where science and the profession of a scientist are closer to the values of the developed world in the perception of the young generation,” said P. Sovák.

The event then continued with three blocks of interviews, led by moderator Gregor Mareš. Peter Gömöry from the Astronomical Institute SAS, Zuzana Gažová from the Institute of Experimental Physics SAS, Pavol Hvizdoš from the Institute of Material Research SAS, Štefan Faix from the Institute of Animal Physiology at Centre of Biosciences SAS, Ján Gálik from the Institute of Neurobiology at Biomedical Research Center SAS, Ivica Hromadová from the Institute of Parasitology SAS, Slavomír Hredzák from the Institute of Geotechnics SAS, and Michal Kentoš from the Institute of Social Sciences at Centre of Social and Psychological Sciences SAS presented their workplaces and their most interesting topics and achievements.

The event was accompanied by the performances of the students of the Timonova 2 Conservatory in Košice.

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Photos and video from the event.